Pool Rubber Surfacing



Cracked or uneven surfaces can be expensive to repair, without considering the difficulty and time required. Duraroc is an attractive and affordable solution. In most cases, Duraroc is installed and ready to use in only 24 to 48 hours!

Work on progress

First, we will temporarily remove everything that is directly fixed to the surface of the concrete, like the finishing rings for the pool ramp.

Before Duraroc Rubber Surfacing

Sills can be installed around the pool to create a highly decorative visual effect. A wide palette of colours allows you to explore your creative side and add your own personal touch.

Work on progress

During this process, our team can professionally remove the old cracked sills of your pool and then cover them with our Duraroc rubber product.

Installation is completed

Now you can move around safely on the Duraroc non-slip rubber flooring. Less hot underfoot than cement, you will fall in love with the comfort it provides.

In the above case, the customer has to opt for double edges. This is in fact the application of a different colour to the pool surround than the colour of the liner on the periphery.

Our achievements

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